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Impromptu Speeches at Northrise Meetings

From time to time a gap in the meeting agenda creates a speaking opportunity and Northrise sometimes uses this to give a member a chance to deliver an impromptu speech.

Speech topics are given as a choice between two topics selected by the Toastmaster handed to the speaker on two separate pieces of paper. The topics should be clear, capable of being rendered in one simple sentence and of a general nature. Topics can be for example, philosophical (eg simple proverbs), perhaps a proposition allowing the speaker to express an opinion or (say) current affairs but not requiring the speaker to have an in-depth or specialist knowledge. Subjects of largely political or religious nature should be avoided. The topics should be diverse to give the speaker reasonable choice.

The speaker can either be a volunteer or a candidate selected by a lottery process (names in the hat). Speakers not having delivered three manual speeches would not ordinarily be considered.

Topics should be handed back to the Toastmaster prior to delivery.The Toastmaster will announce the topic not selected and then introduce the speaker in the usual formal way.

One main purpose of this speech is to prepare for and align with the objectives of the Advanced Manual Specialty Speeches assignment 1.

Northrise Club Impromptu Speech Guidelines

Topics Choice from 2 brief one sentence simple propositions
Preparation time From beginning of the mid meeting break
Speech Duration 5-7 mins
Note Usage Allowed During Delivery No

Mark Twain
"I never could make a good impromptu speech without several hours to prepare it."