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The Pathways Program - First Steps

The new Pathways program offers a multitude of opportunities to develop communication skills. You can read all about it here You will need to log in and then select the "Choose your path" option to check out what's available and what is needed. Warning - navigating the Pathways interface does have a learning curve.

The first asssignments (Level 1) are the same no matter for which Path you opt. Level 1 is comprised of 4 projects:-

1. Ice Breaker Write and deliver a speech about any topic to introduce yourself to the club. Your speech may be humorous, informational, or any other style that appeals to you in 4- to 6-minutes. Evaluation form 1

2. Evaluation and Feedback Two speeches - choose any topic for your first 5- to 7-minute speech. After your speech, carefully review your feedback. At a later meeting, present a 5- to 7-minute speech in which you incorporate feedback from your first speech. Evaluation form 2   Evaluation form 3

Finally, after you have completed both speeches, serve as an evaluator at a club meeting and deliver constructive feedback about another member’s presentation. For rostering reasons, this is likely to be a written only evaluation.

3. Researching and Presenting. Select a topic that you are not already familiar with or that you wish to learn more about. Research the topic and organise the information, as described in this project. Practice your speech and continue to refine its organisation. Present your 5- to 7-minute speech at a club meeting. Evaluation form 4

4. Completion—Presentation Mastery Request online that the club VP Education approves your completion of Presentation Mastery Level 1.

Four speeches and it's all done - you're on your way!