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Two Minute Toastmaster

This role is unusual and not used by many clubs here in NZ. The idea came from an article in 'The Toastmaster' magazine in the 1990s and has been used by Northrise ever since.

Role Objective Give a brief informative presentation about an aspect of Toastmaster roles or public speaking skills generally.
Description of Role Deliver a brief "snippet" of information, an insight into an aspect of club life or speaking that would not ordinarily be addressed and of itself is not a big enough topic to warrant a full length speech or workshop.
Preparation This is definitely not an impromptu role, the content needs to be well considered. To reduce a topic down to two minutes can be challenging. Not only must the information be distilled down to fit the time frame but it must remain easily understood, meaningful and memorable.
Timing As the role's name implies, two minutes is allowed, with lights at one minute, one and a half minutes and a red light at two minutes. Keeping to time is an important element of this assignment.
Example Example Two Minute Toastmaster Presentation Speaker

RichardThis role is a mini-speech - you need to use your best speaking skills and structure your presentation to have a clear opening, body and close.

Open your presentation with the usual address to the Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and guests.

Make the subject of your presentation clear early in your delivery. You may use a visual aid but unless it is critical to your message, avoid any other form of aid or prop, time doesn't normally permit these.

Key points
  • Be informative and make sure you deliver valuable material, something your audience can use.
  • Be succinct, make a limited message well rather than try and cover too much ground.
  • Timing is a discipline, when you see the yellow light you should be ending your summary.Two minutes is really not a lot of time.
  • Use all the skills you would employ in a mini-speech
Desirable Outcome Whilst not everyone will necessarily agree with your opinions, your delivery should be clear and helpful.