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Time Keeper

Role Objective

Time all meeting activities and assist meeting participants by indicating how much time iremains for them to complete their assigned task. Report on roles that are exceptionally over (or under) the time allocated.

Description of Role

Most things in Toastmasters are timed. This makes it possible for the Toastmaster to deliver a meetings program on time and assists presenters to carry out their assignments on time, a significant part of their objectives.


Ensure that you have studied the Agenda. The times should be listed on the Agenda in the right hand column.

Use a phone or the club stopwatch. If you are attending the meeting in person, check with the Toastmaster that there will be a PC available to display timing lights.

A Timekeeper's Report is normally required (usually immediately before the General Evaluation). You will need a pen and paper to record times.

Download background colours here to use in Zoom as timing lights.


These are on the Agenda in the right hand column.


The invariable lighting sequence is; Green, Yellow (Orange), Red, the same as traffic lights. As with traffic lights, you should only display one colour at a time.

A flashing red light is used to warn seriously overtime speakers at (say) 30 seconds past time. Flash the red light two or three times only, there's no need to further distract a speaker who may already be having trouble finishing their presentation. If the speaker is still going one minute over time, a further three flashes will be needed.

You may need to use discretion with over-time guest presenters seek guidance from the Toastmaster (or President) about this. Similarly, if a senior member acknowledges that they are over time there is not a lot to be gained by flashing the red light.

As required (per the agenda) deliver a report on times taken by members performing their roles that were 20% (approx) over or under the time allocated on the agenda.

All being well your report will be very brief. It really needs to be, you are likely to have only one mnute in which to deliver it. If time is tight ask the Toastmaster if you can deliver from your seat. Ask the person next to you to time your presentation.

You aren't immune from Table Topics so if called, be sure to ask the person next to you to take over for the duration of your Table Topic.

Key points

  • Check everything

  • Follow the Agenda times

Desirable Outcome

As Timekeeper you have assisted the Toastmaster in keeping the meeting on time.

You have helped ensure the speakers kept to the time allocated for their assignment, essential for successful meetings and great speeches.