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Table Topics Evaluator

Role Objective

Evaluate the Table Topics speeches, empathetically and objectively.

Description of Role

After the Table Topics Master has completed his role, deliver a brief evaluation of each topic when called on to do so by the meeting Toastmaster.


Your time will be allocated in the Agenda. Allow 30 secs max per speaker evaluated.


Address the meeting when called by the Toastmaster and explain your role to guests very briefly.

Focus on the simple issues of speech delivery (vocal variety, body language, eye contact etc) and give credit for the speaker's ability to deal with the Topic.

It is often preferable to reduce the CRC formula (see the speech evaluation notes on this site) to CR as the full CRC can be a big ask in the limited time available. Prioritize to select the major Commendation and major Recommendation and address those, you will have very little time to deal with other issues.

You are asked here to evaluate the speech, using the usual method for Toastmaster evaluations, not the speaker or the Topic. Remember the need to be positive and friendly whilst being objective. Try to use examples to illustrate your point.

Caution: if the meeting looks to close early or if it is noticed there is a member who hasn't spoken, extra Table Topics may be called for. You should be prepared to evaluate these also.

Key points

  • Address the meeting and explain your role.

  • Use the CR principle.

  • Be concise, time is tight.

Desirable Outcome

Deliver a positive educational assist to speakers impromptu skills and a useful adjunct to the meeting.