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Sergeant @ Arms

Role Objective

Ensure that club facilities are organised for each meeting and that meetings are called to order on time.

Description of Role

Presently at Northrise, this role is rostered each meeting rather than being an executive position appointed annually as is usual with other Toastmaster clubs.

Bring out the club's White Box (WB) and Black Box from the storeroom next to the kitchen. Set up:

  • stopwatch and lights, hospitality desk (Visitor Book, Visitor Packs, attendance sheet and badges).
  • kitchen gear - coffee perc, coffee, tea, sugar and milk. This should be laid out near the sink. Put jug on to boil.

Put out lectern (if in use), gavel, Table Topics Cup and check meeting room seating arrangements.

Put out signs and sandwich boards. This can be onerous, if you are going to need help recruit this early. These should be positioned to assist guests find the meeting ie facing the car park. The sandwich boards should be outside and visible from a distance.

Use the gavel to call the meeting to order at 7.00 am and at the end of the refreshment break.

Collect badges and Repack equipment at meeting end.


Arrive at the meeting early to carry out the above, 6:40 works well. Prepare a checklist if necessary.


Arrive early so that Hospitality equipment is out in time for use and meeting gear is out in time for you to call the meeting to order at 7.00 am.


The exercise of setting up isn't huge, remembering everything is the challenge. Making sure the Hospitality person is set up properly is step one (see above). The white box should be opened in the meeting room and the gavel and Table Topics Cup are positioned at the President's seat and the Timekeeper's stopwatch and lights laid out and plugged in.

Check that the venue is set out in the usual way.

Check the sandwich boards and signs have been taken to the entrance. Guests shouldn't get lost after parking their car..

Use the gavel two minutes before the 7.00 am start time and announce there are two minutes before the meeting starts. At 7.00 call the meeting to order by using the gavel again and announcing the meeting will now commence. Hand the gavel over to the President and announce you are handing control of the meeting over to the President. Retire to your seat.

Some members performing this role choose to give a few words of welcome. This is a great optional addition to the role but should not be lengthy - two or three sentences is appropriate, there isn't time for lengthy viewpoints or anecdotes, or your latest lengthy joke.

At the end of the mid meeting break, repeat the calling to order procedure with a two minute warning. You should be advised by the Timekeeper when the break is over but occasionally this is overlooked so you should watch the time also. This should not be left for the meeting Toastmaster to do.

Very occasionally a meeting is non-standard and in this case you should check with the meeting Toastmaster as to any special requirements.

The process of setting up needs to be reversed at meeting end. Usually other early arrivers offer assistance with setting up. Similarly, the packing up at meeting end is usually assisted by late stayers.

If personpower is an issue refer to the Club President.

Key points

  • Setting up should be done early. Do the Hospitality desk equipment first.

  • Start the meeting on time.

  • make a checklist of required (see below) equipment if needed.

Check List

  • Sandwich board and sign

  • Gavel

  • Lectern (if in use)

  • Lights & stop watch

  • Seating

  • Host Desk

    1. Attendance Register

    2. Badges

    3. Guest Packs

Desirable Outcome

The show should get on the road seamlessly and retire similarly.