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Meeting Roles

For a Toastmasters' meetings to run smoothly its various participants need to carry out their roles to the best of their ability and follow the club's established guidelines.

You have probably seen many functions performed at Northrise meetings that seemed to go well at the time. But now, looking back, you have no really clear recollection of exactly how each role was carried out. This wouldn't normally matter perhaps, but now maybe you just seen from the Roster that you've been asked to perform a role yourself. Anguish! How did that role go again?

No need to sweat the petty things.(or pet the sweaty things), just use the website menu to select a role and read up on the finer points. After all, isn't forewarned forearmed?

You may have wondered how you got so lucky as to score that particular assignment. The roster system is designed to progressively introduce members to meeting roles as part of the Toastmaster ongoing education system.

There are some jobs that you won't be likely to be asked to carry out until you've got a few meeting miles on the clock. Speech Evaluation is one such assignment and Toastmaster is another. The General Evaluator role is normally allotted only to senior members.

If you have any queries concerning any role, ask the Vice President Education whose prime responsibility is the educational achievements of individual members, including rostering, or ask a senior member of the Club.

General Advice

1. If you are unable to carry out your rostered assignment on any particular meeting date, notify the meeting Toastmaster. It is your responsibility to find your replacement and notify the Toastmaster as early as possible to create the least disruption.

2. Prepare your assignment thoroughly, well in advance of the meeting - Our roster gives you four weeks notice of an upcoming assignment, so PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE !

3. Forms of Address. At the commencement of your assignment, address the person who is in control of the meeting at that particular time-- e.g. "Madam Toastmaster/Mr.Toastmaster, then address the rest of the meeting "Toastmasters and Guests." or "fellow Toastmasters and guests".


TOASTMASTER : Mr Toastmaster, or Madam Toastmaster, or Toastmaster John or Toastmaster Janet.

TABLE TOPICS MASTER : Mr Table Topics Master, or Madam Table Topics Master, or Table Topics Master John or Table Topics Master Janet.

4. At the completion of your assignment, and you wish to hand the control back to the person previously in charge, signify as follows:-
"Madam/ Mr. Toastmaster, that completes my assignment."

5. Throughout the notes on this site there is reference to roles in the male gender. This is intended to neither offend nor inspire a debate on gender deference or PC terminology. It is simply a convenient convention.