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Role Objective

Assist members use the power of good grammar and a rich vocabulary in their presentations.

Description of Role

A brief role focussing on spoken English used in presentations, designed to be both educational and amusing.


The Word of the Day (WOTD), if used, needs to be thought out in advance. You will need a visual aid for this and this should be put up on display during the meeting.

If you are presenting virtually, using a background to display the WOTD works well.

If the Toastmaster has made you aware of a meeting theme you should choose a WOTD that fits into that theme.


One minute early in the program explain your role, what you are looking for and the WOTD. Two minutes toward the end of the program to report on what you have observed and make any recommendations and commendations.


Early in the meeting you will be given a minute to announce to the Club what your theme or challenge for the day will be. Either introduce a Word for the Day or use it as an opportunity to ride a particular hobby horse! You might elect to focus on verbalised pauses (ums, ahs and the like) or use of slang.

During your first session, explain your role to guests. Your role is to listen to members use of language and give feedback in your second session.

Your WOTD visual aid might show the WOTD's meaning, derivation and pronunciation and maybe a couple of examples of correct usage of the word and maybe even common misuses.

If you are performing this role online, using a Zoom background can be very effective. Consider also using the Share Screen feature in Zoom.

If you are attending the meeting in person consider putting up visual aids with blue tack or adhesive tape at various strategic positions around the room where they will serve to remind participants of your challenge to them. You might choose to obscure your main display and "unveil" it during your minute.

Feel free to remind members during the meeting of your visuals and thus your challenge, in any way you can without disrupting the meeting (totally).

During the meeting listen carefully and be prepared to report on:

  • Correct use of the Word of the Day

  • Good use or misuse of words

  • Incorrect pronunciation

  • Good word pictures

  • Cliches

  • Excellent/powerful language use

  • Poor sentence construction

  • Vocalised pauses (ahs, ums)

BrendaThere is no need to be exhaustive or highly detailed. Illustrative examples are all that is required.

In your 2 minutes at the end of the meeting give a report which should be positive, helpful and illuminating. 2 minutes is not long so try to be concise. You merely need to note who used your WOTD (or whatever you asked the club to do) and any grammatical points that you think were skillful or could be improved.

Use tact, understanding and basic evaluation principles (eg CRC) and avoid evaluating any guests who may have spoken. Definitely use humour, if that is your style.

Key points

This role needs to be concisely delivered, you don't have a lot of time, but it should be fun and informative. Use your originality to make the function memorable.

Check List

Be prepared - work out well beforehand what you are going to do with your timeslot.

Pay detailed attention so that you can give a helpful report.

Desirable Outcome

Meeting attendees will be aware of a selected useful additional word and be more aware of grammar usage.