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General Evaluator

Description of Role

Observe the meeting, taking necessary notes and at the end of the meeting deliver a review/evaluation of proceedings. .


This role is normally only given to senior members.

Take a look at the agenda prior to the meeting with a view to anticpating any problems. Review the roles on this site if you need to revise.


Usually 7 or 8 minutes. Often GE's have difficulty delivering all they wish to present within this time.


Start by explaining your role to guests if this was not done when the Toastmaster introduced you. As far as is practical, use the standard Commend Recommend Commend format to review how each meeting role was carried out.

The GE is not required to evaluate the Table Topic speakers or the main Speakers. It may be necessary to make some reference to these presentations to draw attention to evaluation omissions or illustrate points but speakers should not feel that they are being evaluated twice. .

A GE should be mindful of all aspects of the meeting covering the specific execution of each role. Create and use a check list if it will help. You will need to prioritize, . It is very easy to get bogged down on trivia and omit the important.

It helps if you read the requirements for all the other duties. You are, after all, looking for all the things others did well, didn't do, or what they did that needs some improving.

Watch your timing - you are being asked to review an hour and a quarter's material in 8 minutes or less and it is very easy to run over time. This is not a good look. If you are in doubt about covering everything , reverse the order and evaluate the evaluators first and then do the rest. In short, do the important things first.

Ideally, your presentation should take the form of a speech in its own right, complete with a beginning, middle and end. If your ending is in the form of a positive summary so much the better.

Key points

  • You need to overview the important aspects of the meeting. Distill your experienced observation of everything, down to the really important.

  • Use CRC, be fair, positive while being objective, practical and helpful.

  • Be disciplined and set an example of clear delivery from clear notes, within the time allotted.

Desirable Outcome

A meeting which has benefited from your encouragement and insights and can use these for individual personal growth at future meeings.