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Leadership Evaluator

There are two pathways in Toastmasters – Communicator and Leader.

More information on the Toastmasters' pathways

This role is provide peer to peer feedback for members completing one of the assignments in the Competent Leader (CL) manual. More information on the Competent Leader Award
Role Objective Provide specific participants and the meeting with an evaluation of meeting roles presented as an assignment from the CL manual.
Description of Role Immediately prior to the General Evaluator's segment of the meeting present to the meeting an evaluation of meeting roles carried out by (up to three) members who have indicated they desired the role to be evaluated as an assignement from the CL manual.
Preparation Before the meeting:
  • broadcast an email to club members who are rostered to elicit who needs a CL evaluation. You will have time to do only three evaluations, so you will need to treat requests on a 'first come first served' basis.
  • if the General Evaluator wishes to be evaluated, alert the Chairman that the agenda should be altered so that your roles appear in the reverse of the normal order, your role last.
  • read the notes on evaluation and the Competent Leader Award
At the meeting:
  • ensure you receive CL manuals from each presenter and identify the assignment being done. Discuss this with the presenter/s as time allows.
  • advise the General Evaluator who you are evaluating. This is done to avoid duplication.
  • advise the Chair how many evaluations you will be doing so that if need be, the agenda times can be adjusted.
Timing Each evaluation is allotted a maximum of one minute.

No of Evaluations Timing
1 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 60 seconds
2 One minute, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 60 seconds
3 Two minutes, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 60 seconds

Lights will be shown only in the final minute at 40 seconds, 50 seconds and a red light at 60 seconds. NOTE if you only have one evaluation to deliver, the entire assignment will need to be compressed into one minute.
Procedure See the recommended procedure per the evaluation notes

Open your presentation with the usual address to the Toastmaster and the meeting. Explain briefly your role.

Greet each turn as you come to their segment of your evaluation.

Summarize each presenter's assignment objectives - (you won't have much time to dwell on these, be succinct. Give your evaluation of each presenter's performance, Reminder -you only have one minute per evaluation.

You should also be able to give each presenter back their manual with your evaluation written up at the end of the meeting.

Key points
  • Use of the CRC principle is very important.
  • Timing is a discipline, when you see the yellow light you should be ending your evaluation/s. Do your best to allocate your time equally between the presenters.
  • Your presentation should be objective but positive and encouraging.
Desirable Outcome Leadership Award manual presenter/s and a meeting that have benefited from your encouragement and feedback and can use these for individual personal growth at future meeings.