Northrise Toastmasters Club 1988/112

Meetings: alternate Thursdays 6:45 am

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Membership Fees

Six Monthly Membership - $75.00

Lifetime Joining Fee - $50

This is how it works:

Northrise's fees are in line with the Toastmasters International Semi Annual Fees ie due six monthly on 1 April and 1 October each year. New members pay a one-time Joining Fee (in full) plus the Club Semi Annual (six monthly) Fee.

New members joining between April and October or between October and April pay only a pro rata portion of the six monthly Club fee plus the full Joining Fee. The table below shows the total fees payable by new members for their initial period of membership.

New members need to be aware that if they join in a month close to a Semi Annual falling due, they will need to pay the Joining Fee plus a reduced Club fee which will take them to the next Club Semi Annual. When the next Club Semi Annual comes round, they will be asked to pay for the following six months.

For example:
Join September - pay $50 Joining and $12.50 Club fee for the month of September, total $62.50. Come the next month, October, the full six monthly Club Fee (but no Joining Fee) of $75 will also be due.

It doesn't really matter when you join, you will be asked for the one-time full Joining Fee $50 and ongoing $12.50 per month Club fees, charged six monthly or part thereof.

$NZ - all fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars

Month of Joining

Initial Fee

April or October 125.00
May or November 112.50
June or December 100.00
July or January 87.50
August or February 75.00
September or March 62.50

Subsequent six monthly fees are $75 falling due in March and September.

Included in the above is $50.00 joining fee. The full half yearly membership fee is $75.00. The fees above thus consist of $50 plus a pro rata portion of the $75 six monthly fee.

Of the ordinary membership fees paid to this club by each member, $US90.00 p.a. of this is passed on to Toastmasters International in USA to provide Membership Education Programs.

Achievements registered with Toastmasters International are recognised world-wide within Toastmasters International and will be communicated to your employer upon request.