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Competent Leadership Award

This role gives focus on the second aspect that Toastmasters offers its members – that of the Competent Leadership.

There are two pathways in Toastmasters – Communicator and Leader.

New Toastmasters receive two manuals – the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leader. Northrise has focused heavily on the Competent Cmmunicator manual with its speeches and evaluations.

Now, with the added focus on the Competent Leader (CL) manual, members have the opportunity to make progress towards the Competent Leader award by ticking off projects in the course of each meeting.

More information on the Toastmasters' pathways

There are 10 projects that make up the CL manual. Within each of these projects, a number of different tasks can be undertaken. For example, being an evaluator, a chairperson, even time keeper can contribute towards a project.

The chart below highlights the project areas and the tasks that can be undertaken to contribute to each project.

Enlarged PDF version of this matrix. Detail on carrying out this meeting role

Leadership Evaluator
We have introduced this role to provide the opportunity for up to three people to be evaluated on the role they have undertaken in the meeting and have it contribute towards the particular project they are being assessed against.

The Leadership Evaluator would contact those members assigned with duties and ask if any member wants to be evaluated for a project. The members interested would contact the Leadership Evaluator and ask to be evaluated. There will only be three evaluations in this area each meeting – so evaluations will be allocated on a first in first served basis.

The Leadership Evaluator would contact the General Evaluator advising them on the roles they will be undertaking. These roles will not be evaluated by the General Evaluator..

Evaluations will be against the objectives for each project and should follow the CRC best practice evaluation process.

New members will have their CL manual in their member’s kit. Some senior members will not have been given one of these manuals as a different system was in existence prior to 2005. Spare copies of the CL manual have been purchased for those senior members who require a copy.

Generally, the more experienced members will be allocated the Leader Evaluator role – probably those with 8 or more speeches and who have already shown competence in the skill of evaluations.

Detail on this Meeting Role