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Meetings: alternate Thursdays 6:45 am

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The Treasurer maintains club accounting records and prepares financial statements annually for the club AGM using the financial template Excell spreadsheet. The Treasurer might also be called upon to prepare financial statements between annual balance dates (30 April) and to prepare budgets indicating the clubs financial future position suggesting whether or not fees and cost recoveries are set at appropriate levels.

The Treasurer attends to the collection of semi annual subscriptions from members in March and September and payment of the international portion to WHQ. Toastmasters International have a six monthly membership system falling due in 31 March and 30 September. Individual members are billed (by email) by the Treasurer for the six monthly Northrise fee (schedule). Fees billed should use the combined Invoice/receipt form to provide members with support for any employer support. Once the fees are received and recorded the International portion and form is lodged with World Headquarters. Credit is only granted in exceptional circumstances and only with the express consent of the President.

TheTreasurer checks F400s (Membership Applications) received from the club VP Membership and arranges for payment of New Member fees to WHQ whe registering the new member online. A copy of the WHQ confirmation should be emailed promptly to the club webmaster to enable the Member Directory to be updated and the new member included in the Roster.

Overseeing the financial aspect of the Hospitality function at meetings is a Treasurer's rol,.collecting entry fee takings, banking them, reconciling member payments made directly into the Northrise bank account and settling accounts payable.

All financial transactions must be recorded promptly in the cashbook spreadsheet.